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Umara, Harper, Braekhus, Haney, and Jake Paul

The one-punch knockout delivered by Idalberto Umara begins our show, then we take a look at women’s boxing and the upcoming announced fight between Terri Harper and Cecilia Braekhus to take place in Sheffield, before recapping the WBC decision regarding Devin Haney, and then we move back across the pond to discuss Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington, and Chris Eubank Jr who has just left the training expertise of Roy Jones Jr behind him, before concluding with an update on Jake Paul, from past to present.


Foreign [, Music ] flight fans, thanks for joining me once again here on boxing news today and today, we’re going to start off uh with something we missed on the weekend shows uh something uh that we normally talk about on the follow-ups with respect to Knockouts great Knockouts and I just wanted to report on a great knockout uh by a fellow by name, uh adalberto Amara, who scored a sensational one punch knockout in his victory lightweight standout Alberto omara, won his 11th consecutive bout by scoring a sensational one punch knockout of 2012 Olympian, William and Carson Friday July 28th at the karibe Royale in Orlando Florida.

This is courtesy of our friends down at Box Lab promotions, they’re Knight of Champions number four live on: CBS Sports Network, umera, Uncorked, officious, right uppercut in the second round that knocked and Carson out cold and remained on the canvas for a few minutes was able to Get back on his feet where he was met with a round of applause from the crowd.

The time of stoppage was one minute 51 seconds.

Just thought.

I’D uh mention that, because we had missed it, uh in our Recaps and reports and reviews of the recent fights upcoming fights include Britain’s Terry Harper, who will take on Norway’s Cecilia break house for the WBA and WBO super welterweight titles and is set to take place On October, 7th in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, they were scheduled to fight in May, but break house had to withdraw on the morning of the fight because of illness.

The bout will now take place on the undercard of the WBA featherweight title fight between lee wood and Josh Warrington at the utilita arena, and a bit more on that is upcoming.

Um said Harper.

It would have been a shame for it never to happen when the fight fell through the last time I sold for the weekend, but thanks to Matt’s room and Eddie Hearn, I was back in the gym following the following Monday, ready for another fight week.

Looking back, this experience has made me a stronger fighter with even more experience now gained.

Harbor 26 holds the WB title while 41 year old Brickhouse is attempting to become a two two-way world champion.

After holding the Undisputed belt at welterweight, following two defeats by Jessica, mccaskill breakhouse decided to move up a division.

Cecilia is an icon of the sport and has already done everything I want to achieve said Harper.

That’S why me and my team are so Keen to pursue this fight.

I see this fight as a passing of the Baton and another stepping stone towards my ultimate goal of becoming Undisputed at the weight good stuff from the women all right.

Let’S move along to the men and a little bit of a wee controversy, said Adam Baskin.

At boxing news24.

com, he said in a strange move: the WBC has given Devin Haney a lightweight champion in recess tag, allowing him to move up to light welterweight to challenge Champion Regis progress in October, which I’ve been reporting on for the past couple of weeks, and now It’S going to happen, it seems being demoted to Champion in recess.

Essentially means he’s been stripped of his WBC lightweight title: that’s what it comes down to a Haney no longer Champion, but he can fight for the belt against the next champion.

The wbc’s WBC says Haney 30-0.

By the way 15 Knockouts can return to the 135 pound Division and challenge for his former title with a 50-50 split, but the odds of the Haney agreeing to fight sugar Stevenson for the WBC belt are about zero, says Adam Baskin.

So what makes this a strange decision? Typically, the world boxing Council, gives the champion recess tag to their belt holders that are injured or inactive, for whatever reason: the WBC Board of Governor’s decision to give Haney.

The tag suggests that they’re looking out for him, because he really should have been stripped because he’s bypassing the lightweight mandatory Shakur Stevenson to go up to 140 for his own personal reasons, which involve these three things.

According to basket number one money number two capturing the WBC 140 pound title gives him a bargaining chip to negotiate a fight with to Fimo Lopez, the WBO champion and number three Legacy to become a two division.

Champ and most would agree that handy won’t.

Try to win back his belt because that would likely mean fighting Shakur, who Devon recently offered 25 percent and was firm with that offer.


The current WBC lightweight rankings are interesting.

Number one um vasil lomachenko number two Shakur’s team, so number three Isaac, Cruz Jr, who we saw recently number four, William zepeda number five Frank: Martin number, six Edwin de los Santos and number seven Jermaine Ortiz number: eight are Tim harith number, nine chachiro Yoshino number; 10; Raymond uh muratella number 11 George cambodsus Jr, number 12, Maxi Hughes, number, 13, Francesco batera number 14, Michelle Rivera and number 15 key Sean Davis, so who will step up against a Shakur that will be interesting, alrighty uh in other news going back across the pond.

Let’S have a quick look at uh, the kickoff press conference for the Leewood Josh Warrington fight.

These two British guys are gon na, go at it and they’re, creating a bit of a buzz before that fight, WBA, uh featherweight champ lee wood, 27-3, 16 Knockouts and former two-time champ uh Josh, Warrington 31.

Two and one eight Knockouts announced they’re.

All British WBA featherweight World title at a press conference.

It leads, I believe that took place yesterday.

The bout took place on neutral ground at the utilsa arena.

Uh, the belt will take place on neutral ground at the utility arena in Sheffield on Saturday October 7th, and it was going to be showing live worldwide on the zone.

Leewood said at the conference I don’t take, I don’t take Confidence from knowing Lara B Josh and that I beat Lara.

I take confidence in the fact that I know I’m a better fighter.

It has taken me so long to prove this and I’ve waited a long time for this fight to happen.

For his part, Josh Warrington replied, here’s mutual respect.

We don’t have to be shouting and screaming, or chucking tables at each other to have a Barnstormer of a fight.

I went into the Lopez fight after jaw surgery and I was just too worried about it.

Getting whacked there, you have it uh, also from across the pond.

We see that, according to Wasserman boxing promoter, Cali Sutherland he’s revealed that Chris Eubank Jr has split from his trainer Roy Jones Jr, ahead of his upcoming rematch with Liam Smith, because he wants to do something.

A bit different for division.

World champion Jones had been in eubank’s corner for his last four fights, including the first stopper’s defeat of the 33 year old career at the hands of Smith, Liam Smith, in round four of their January contest and with the rematch looming, Sarah land told boxing social that Eubank has decided to go in a different direction, appointing a different trainer and adopting a new game plan and approach to making weight said he wants to do something a bit different for this fight for the rematch.

Obviously, when you lose the first fight you have to get, you have to go to you just have to get to.

You have got to adjust things.

He’S training like a beast in Las Vegas he’s going to come in with a bit of a different game plan.

This time – and that’s really what this is all about – he’s been around the block.

He grew up in an institutionalized boxing family around boxing gyms and camps, his whole life.

He knows exactly what he’s doing and on September, 2nd you’re going to see some fireworks.

I know you’ll see on Instagram these at parties and whatever in Las Vegas, but he’s getting in two massive sessions a day.

The approach to weight will be very different in this fight as well that pound under sounds so little, but at the same time it is a lot.

It’S been misunderstood, overlastic fights where he’s come in one pound under for no reason, and that’s something he’s going to be looking at on the split Jones said.

It was partly due to other commitments on his side.

Eubank will face his liver, puddling rival on September, 2nd with a new man in his Corner, as he aims to avenge the first lockout loss of his career live on Sky Sports box office.

Moving along to other intriguing news.

While I was skirting the headlines looking at the upcoming Jake Paul Nate Diaz fight, I found an interesting article with respect to his past, of which I knew nothing about, and it came courtesy of a Netflix documentary called Untold Jake Paul, the problem child whereby, on this Logan Paul his brother said that he was actually worried for Jake Paul’s life after a series of controversies throughout their YouTube careers and prior to Jake Paul becoming the boxer that he is today.

Six and one I believe, [ Music, ] Logan, said I mean both my dad and I felt worried for my brother’s life.

Jake’S always been pretty emotionally unpredictable and volatile.

There was a point where we, both legitimately concerned uh, that Jake was going to kill himself in 2017.

Oh six years ago, Los Angeles KDL La number, five reported on Jake Paul’s neighbors, who had grown irate regarding his disruptive behavior and that same year, Logan Paul came under Fire for showing what appeared to be a dead body hanging from a tree in a forest in Japan Jake Paul has been accused of scamming young fans by selling them educational programs on becoming rich and famous online and was charged with criminal, trespassing and unlawful assembly for remaining in a Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.

Where protesters were asked to leave the area in 2020 and he was accused of sexual assault by tick tocker Justine Paradise in 2021, according to Carla Rodriguez of complex model, Riley Lawley later came out later that year and it also accused Paul of sexual misconduct, while his Ex-Girlfriend Elissa Violet said he emotionally and mentally abused her during their relationship ship.

In recent years, Jake Paul has pivoted, as I said earlier, into a boxer seizing on the growing popularity of the sports sub-genre of celebrity fights and MMA crossover matchups the 26 year old is ah, as I said, six and one in this professional boat most recently losing.

However, to Tommy Fury the younger brother of heavyweight champ, Tyson Fury and, as I said next up, UFC uh, Nate, USB former UFC Superstar uh, Nate, Diaz and uh said Jake Paul about that in the Netflix documentary.

I wasn’t happy boxing made me feel alive again: uh-huh foreign speaking of most valuable promotions, the company that Jake Paul did set up in the in uh in the wake of approaching the boxing World I’ll give him credit for for a couple of things.

Um and one is taking on Amanda Serrano, for example, uh, admittedly uh Jake Paul was the first Boxer uh assigned to a most valuable promotions, which was founded by Paul and an advisor nakisa badarian, and they went on after signing Jake Paul, I might add, who then Went on to fight Thailand, as we all know, Tyron Woodley, Anderson, Silva and Tommy Fury uh.

They then went on the site.

It’S a sign fighter, uh Amanda, Serrano, she’s, a seven Division, World Champ and teamed up with Paul to make a dream fight against Katie Taylor.

In 2022, she had her 28 fight, win streak snap by Taylor, losing inner bid to become Undisputed lightweight champion.

But she has since won two in a row beating Erica Cruz in February to become the Undisputed featherweight champ and now has 47 wins and 30 of them via knockout and recently became a millionaire thanks to her partnership with Paul uh.

Second, up should Asia.

Green green is a former Team USA star and win silver.

The 2016 World Championships making her Pro debut in 2019 she’s won three fights.

In 2022, the recent signing of MVP beat Ellen saiduros in her most recent fight as a possible Contender for Savannah Marshall.

The Undisputed super middleweight champion, my motto, is: be phenomenal or be forgotten, a mantra that fits so perfectly with the team that Jake and the Kisa have created said green, we’re striving for greatness together, and I can’t wait to work side by side with them for this.

Next phase of my career up next, as we reported a few months ago, Ashton, Silve Silve, got signed by Paul and is promoted as boxings of future the 19 year old turn pro in 2020 and there’s one all, but one fight did knockout H2O.

As he’s, it’s called was signed by Paul and MVP in April 2022 and has competed under Paul’s, most valuable prospects brand, defeating Adam and kapinga in May, via unanimous decision.

And finally, we come to Javon Walton, who is their most recent signing and Walton is known as ashtray and on the HBO show.

Euphoria, he’s also appeared on the Umbrella Academy, Utopia and Cemetery in uh Samaritan, sorry um, so I guess he’s a bit of an actor as well, but outside of acting Walton competes at an amateur level in the boxing World, he’s a multi-time junior Regional champion and a Two-Time Junior Olympic champion as a silver medalist, the 70 year old, will eventually join the pro ranks under the MVP brand.

We see this as an incredible opportunity to make a big impact on Juana’s entrance into professional boxing.

The way nakisa and Jake have been able to disrupt the boxing promotion business in such a considerably short period of time is inspiring we’re honored to be MVP’s, youngest signee said Walton’s coach and father DJ Walton and there, my friend, you have it for today.

Another exciting episode of boxing news today here on talk and fight, hope you enjoyed it start to finish.

Remember to like share subscribe, hit that notification Bell and we’ll see you later on bye foreign


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