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Cowboys kicking competition gets ugly as both kickers have nightmare day at training camp

The Cowboys’ 2022 season ended with their kicker having a meltdown in the playoffs and based on how training camp went over the weekend, they’re probably not feeling much better about the position right now. 

After moving on from Brett Maher following his playoff struggles, the Cowboys brought in Tristan Vizcaino and Brandon Aubrey this offseason to compete for the kicking job, and right now, it doesn’t look like either guy is interested in winning the competition. 

The two kickers had a disastrous day at training camp on Saturday, going a combined 9 fo 15. The ugly part is that all six misses came from 42 yards and in. Of the two kickers on the Cowboys roster, only Vizcaino has NFL experience, but you wouldn’t know it based on how he kicked over the weekend. According to the Dallas Morning News, Vizcaino only hit 50% of his field goals on Saturday (4 fo 8) and all four of his misses came from inside 40 yards, including the 38-yarder you can see below. 

Patrik Walker, who works for the team’s official website, managed to squeeze four of the overall misses into one tweet. 

Although Aubrey also struggled, he managed to hit 5 of his 7 field goals. 

Things got so bad that fans actually started booing the kickers, according to The Athletic. The Dallas Morning News reported that the two kickers went a combined 1-of-6 during one nightmarish stretch. 

If the kicking competition doesn’t get better soon, there’s definitely a chance that the Cowboys could turn to someone who’s not yet on the roster. Luckily for the Cowboys, there are still several veteran kickers on the market, including Robbie Gould, Mason Crosby, Randy Bullock and Ryan Succop. 

Out of the group, Gould or Crosby would probably make the most sense. 

Gould holds the NFL record for most playoff field goals without a miss while Crosby is familiar with Mike McCarthy because the two spent 11.5 seasons together in Green Bay. 

One kicker who’s not an option is Maher and that’s because he has signed with the Broncos. Maher was cut by the Cowboys after a historically bad postseason where he missed five extra points, including four in one game. 



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