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My Hero Academia: 15 Pro Heroes That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Anime TV Show

My Hero Academia has taken the anime and manga worlds by storm. With its beloved characters, intense battles, and high school lifestyle drama, the series has delighted fans since its first episode. With the release of the incredibly dark sixth season and the end of the story on the horizon, fans are wondering about the future of this franchise and who will carry the spotlight next.

Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, isn’t afraid of spin-offs, with My Hero Academia: Vigilantes and Team-Up Missions publishing through Viz Media alongside the main series. However, most of these series follow the lives of younger protagonists. Horikoshi has barely scratched the surface of the daily lives of the series’ pro heroes. While Endeavor and a handful of others have had decent character exploration, there are many more who deserve their own spin-off series. These fifteen are the best and brightest of My Hero Academia’s pro heroes, and exploring Horikoshi’s world through their eyes would give us new perspective on this beloved narrative.

Principal Nezu

Principal Nezu in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Principal Nezu is an enigma in the world of My Hero Academia. In charge of running UA High School, this mouse-like humanoid is a rare example of an animal developing a Quirk. This Quirk, titled High Spec, gives Nezu a genius-level intellect, allowing him to design the extensive defensive measures around UA, as well as make scarily accurate predictions on the fly. While we have only seen Nezu use the full potential of his Quirk once, during the Final Exams arc, he caused massive destruction by mathematically predicting the precise places to strike buildings with a wrecking ball. He uses his vast intelligence more productively to protect his students from the threats of villains.

While Nezu’s Quirk isn’t the flashiest in My Hero Academia, his origins and daily life are largely shrouded in mystery. What does it mean to be an animal that develops a Quirk? Where did the scar over his eye come from? There are many questions surrounding this strange character, but there’s also a great opportunity to explore what it means to run an institution like UA. We get glimpses of Nezu’s work, but none fully explore the stress of the job, his motivations, or what managing the future of super heroics looks like. If Horikoshi decided to delve deeper into Nezu’s character and backstory, it would help illuminate a massive part of his world.

Gran Torino

Gran Torino Beating Deku in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Gran Torino has the sole privilege of training two of the most powerful users of One-For-All. Acting as a mentor to both All Might and Deku, the character is notably inspired by Yoda in his small stature and his tendency to pretend to be a senile old man. However, when Gran Torino activates the full power of his Quirk Jet, Deku realizes that he can’t underestimate the old man. Jet allows Gran Torino to move at incredible speeds by blasting air from the soles of his feet, and this speed makes him an invaluable member of the pro heroes, even as he has aged.

While exploring the life of an older Gran Torino would be interesting, especially after he starts working with the police against the Paranormal Liberation Front, a spin-off series should focus on his younger days. Not only would we get to see how the superhero world has changed over time, but it would also allow us to see how Gran Torino trained All Might. We have gotten glimpses of All Might’s youth, but never a full exploration of his early days as a hero. As such, seeing this key character through the eyes of one of his mentors would be a great direction to take the story.


Fat Gum Crushing Criminals in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Known as the BMI Hero, Fatgum takes obvious inspiration from characters like the Marvel supervillain, the Blob. His Quirk, Fat Absorption, allows him to draw anything he touches into his body fat. This also applies to kinetic energy, allowing him to store the absorbed force of physical attacks and redirect them in powerful blows. As one of the goofier characters in My Hero Academia lore in terms of design and powers, Fatgum has become a fan favorite. The head of a hero agency, this character was responsible for training both Red Riot and Suneater, whose powers involve body transformation and food-based abilities.

There are a lot of different directions that a Fatgum spin-off series could go and still be interesting. We already have glimpses of the character’s history in the prequel spin-off Vigilantes, and his time training Kirishima during the Shie Hassaikai arc showcased his passion as both a hero and a mentor. Getting the chance to see how he has worked in the past with Suneater would be a valuable character study for both. Perhaps we could even just see the daily life of a pro hero, something that is generally overlooked in the face of the greater and greater threats. Either way, given Fatgum’s popularity, it only makes sense for him to get a deeper focus.


Mirko in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

The fifth-ranking member of the Top Ten pro heroes and the highest-ranking female pro hero, Rabbit Hero: Mirko is the most mysterious of the group. We know almost nothing about this character outside of her great combat abilities. Incredibly competitive, Mirko refuses to work with anyone else. Her Quirk, Rabbit, gives her the abilities and attributes of the animal, but while you might be picturing a cute and fluffy creature, Mirko is anything but. Her leg strength is nearly unmatched, capable of shattering stone with a single kick. Her hearing, speed, and animal instincts make her an excellent tracker and combatant, which makes it so strange that we know so little about her.

Mirko is a fan-favorite character due to her design and battle-crazy characterization, and she has been featured on many of the show’s marketing materials. However, with no backstory and very little character work, Mirko is little more than a weapon to be set against the villains. How did she get to where she is? We know that in her school days, she was constantly drawn to fighting arenas, where she honed her fighting skills for pro-hero work. But why? Mirko clearly has great potential as a character, so Horikoshi needs to explore her backstory. Not only that, her solo nature is a bit of a character flaw that could be worked out in a future spin-off.

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The Wild, Wild Pussycats

The WIld Wild Pussycats in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

The Wild, Wild Pussycats are different from many of the other heroes on this list because they are rarely involved in criminal capture. This group focuses on mountain rescue, with their various Quirks allowing them to better assist in rough terrain during crisis situations. Mandalay, Pixie Bob, Tiger, and Ragdoll have worked together for twelve years when we first meet them, and their expertise makes them the perfect choice for helping the students with their summer training camp.

There are many hero agencies and team-ups in the world of My Hero Academia, but very few specific teams show up in the course of the story. The Pussycats are one of the few examples, and this focus could be rather interesting for a spin-off series. Not only would we be able to get to see how the team manages to balance their Quirks efficiently and see how rescue work differs from crime-fighting. We could also see how the politics of this world support or hinder working as a team. We have seen that the Hero Commission has great power and influence over the legal heroes. What does that look like for a group like the Pussycats?


Manual and Tenya Iida in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

While many of the heroes on this list are well-known in Horikoshi’s world, Manual is a bit of a small fry. Chosen by Tenya Iida for his work study solely because Stain attacked Iida’s brother in Manual’s region, this hero barely gets any time on screen. His Quirk has even gone nameless, despite his many appearances as a side character. Manual has the ability to control water, but to what extent and how, we don’t know. While not exactly the most powerful pro hero, he stays true to his convictions at every turn.

Despite all of these detracting factors, though, Horikoshi has said that Manual is one of his favorite characters. To be honest, there’s a lot of potential world-building that can be done focusing on this character. We have seen how the big heroes run their agencies and the influence they have. It makes sense why Endeavor became a hero because his powers were perfect for the job, and it nets him a lot of fame. Manual, though, doesn’t have the same powers, fame, or money, but he still runs a hero agency. Why would he do that? What makes Manual want to be a hero? With so little information about the character, it would be a lot of fun exploring what it is like to run a small hero agency.

Gang Orca

Gang Orca and Sidekicks in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Despite his ranking as the number 12 superhero, Gang Orca is a fearsome creature. His Quirk, Orcinus, grants him the abilities and appearance of a killer whale, and while his physical strength and sonic attacks make him an excellent hero, he is also known for how evil he looks. While a goodhearted hero, Gang Orca is used during the Licensing Exam as a stand-in villain due to his appearance and abilities, and he puts on a good show. With his gang of lackeys, the hero plays the part and destroys the fake city during the exam.

That being said, we know very little about this hero. He seems to have been created for a very specific role in the story, but otherwise, he doesn’t do a lot in the grand scheme of the narrative. Given that the Commission uses him as a villain stand-in, there could be a lot of potential in this story to explore themes of diversity and how society approaches less humanoid metahumans. Has Gang Orca faced any prejudice due to his appearance? Did he have to work especially hard to climb the pro hero rankings? It would definitely be an interesting angle, especially if he doesn’t enjoy acting the villain, even if it is to help young heroes.

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Selkie and crew in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

The world of rescue heroes is rather interesting. The crime-fighting superheroes get a lot of attention, but those involved in rescue operations don’t get nearly as much focus. Selkie is one of the few, responsible for training Froppy during her work-study and teaming up with Ryukyu on a hunt for Quirk-enhancing drug dealers. Selkie runs a sea-faring hero agency, perfect for his Quirk, Spotted Seal. Selkie has all the abilities of this creature, allowing him to dive deep beneath the water and swim at incredible speeds.

Selkie is unique in a lot of ways, especially with his oceanic focus. While other heroes are saving people and fighting crime in the cities, Selkie is out on the water doing the same thing. While he was reserved as a mentor and a comic relief character, Selkie’s abilities and personality would be a great fit for a solo series. We have seen that he has a deep respect for and desire to protect the heroes in his agency, and getting to see what drove him to become a hero would give deeper insight into his character. More than that, aquatic heroes tend to get forgotten across all media, and at least one of them deserves the spotlight.


Thirteen in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Another rescue-focused hero, Thirteen stands out in her bulky space suit. Introduced early in the story during the USJ incident, Thirteen demonstrated her willingness to sacrifice herself to defend the students as well as the incredible power at her disposal. Her Quirk, Black Hole, creates a powerful suction force from her fingers, allowing her to draw in anything and crush it to dust in the gravitational field. Afraid of using her power against a living person, Thirteen chose rescue work to utilize her skills to the best of her ability.

Like many pro heroes, Thirteen doesn’t get nearly the time on screen that she deserves. While she does reappear in the Paranormal Liberation War (and fans excitedly got to see her hidden face), her powers and personality deserve more time on screen. It has been said many other times on this list, but rescue heroes aren’t focused on nearly enough. Especially given that several members of Class 1-A have aspirations to join rescue efforts, the lack of focus on these characters doesn’t make sense. A series focused on Thirteen could explore what her daily job is like or her coming to terms with the destructive force of her powers. She is such an interesting character that either way, I think fans would be pleased.

Vlad King

Vlad Talking to Aizawa in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Despite being the homeroom teacher of Class 1-B, very little is known about the Blood Hero: Vlad King, except for his deep pride for his students. Vlad’s Quirk is known as Blood Control, which allows him to manipulate his own blood and transform it into solid structures. He is often seen using this ability to ensnare enemies before they can put up a fight, and the gauntlet on his left arm allows him to eject and recall blood in focused streams. He is a vocal supporter of his class, refusing to allow them to believe they are any lesser than Class 1-A

A focus on Vlad King would give viewers a deeper glimpse of the student body of Class 1-B. We have seen them in their interactions with Class 1-A, namely their bitter rivalries with the other hero course students, but how Vlad teaches and their personalities outside this rivalry are barely mentioned. This leaves the class and Vlad feeling rather one note, and yet when we have seen them outside of school, they have much more depth. A spin-off series focused on these characters would give a broader view of the hero course, something fans have been curious about from the start.


Snipe in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Snipe was introduced early in the first season of the show as a teacher at UA High School, but little is known about this mysterious, masked man. His design reflects his Quirk, Homing, which allows him to lock onto opponents from a long distance and direct his projectiles at them. This quick-shooting cowboy has little time for the Hero Public Safety Commission and their willingness to put UA students on the line in their battle against Tomura Shigaraki. He attempts to share this deep sense of morality with his students, the senior class of UA.

Much like Vlad King, Snipe makes this list less because of his character and personality and more because it would allow for viewers to get a glimpse of a different part of UA High School. Given that Snipe is responsible for the third-year students, viewers would get to see not only how these students’ educations differ from the first years, but it would also give them the chance to see how their years of study have affected their heroics. Also, Snipe’s Quirk is one of the more violent, channeled through a handgun. He draws blood when using his power, so a focus on him and his morality would give viewers a unique glimpse of how Quirks are viewed in this world.

Star and Stripe

Star and Stripe in My Hero Academia Vol. 34
Viz Media

Star and Stripe is one of the newest heroes that have been introduced into the world of My Hero Academia. The number 1 hero in America, Star and Stripe was inspired by All Might during his younger years, modeling her appearance and heroic ideology after him. Her Quirk, New Order, allows her to create two reality-altering rules at a time, meaning her power is nearly endless. This limitless potential drew the attention of All for One, who managed to steal her Quirk. In her final moments, though, she created a new rule, one where New Order would strike back at other Quirks, meaning that she could fight back against All for One even in death.

Star and Stripe has become a fan favorite in her very short stint on the page. Her reality altering power is staggering, and her similarities to protagonist Izuku Midoriya drew fans in immediately. While her death does make it impossible to do a follow-up series on this character, a prequel series might just do the job. We would get to see Star and Stripe rise up in the American superhero circuit, battling opponents as she learned to best utilize her quirk. It would also allow for the creators to further explore the differences between American and Japanese super heroics. Horikoshi packs plenty of pop culture Easter eggs into his work, so a story focused on Star and Stripe would also give him the chance to make references to America’s most popular superheroes.


Eraserhead Fighting Criminals in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Shota Aizawa, a.k.a. Eraserhead, is probably the most popular pro hero among fans of the series. One simply needs to look at the vast array of fan art and forums discussing the character to know how iconic he is. The homeroom teacher for Class 1-A, Aizawa, takes on a lazy, gruff demeanor from his first moment on the screen. However, the moment his students are threatened, he becomes a different man. His Quirk, Erasure, allows Eraserhead to nullify most Quirks simply by looking at his opponents, bringing his opponents to equal footing with himself. At that point, he shows them his true abilities as a powerful martial artist and a master of the Binding Cloth.

A spin-off story focused around Eraserhead is a no-brainer. In fact, My Hero Academia: Vigilante had a brief arc following the high school days of Eraserhead and Present Mic, meaning that Horikoshi obviously sees the potential in this street-level superhero. Also, to put it simply, Eraserhead is just cool. His power set is so limited that he has to rely on his physical capabilities as much as his own Quirk, making him similar to Marvel’s Daredevil. This could lead to several dark, brutal, and tense story moments that would allow Shota Aizawa to stand out even more in the grand scheme of the My Hero Academia universe.

All Might

All Might in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

Toshinori Yagi was destined for nothing. Born Quirkless, he still wanted to be a hero. Seeing this goal in the young man’s eyes, Nana Shimura passed the mantle of One for All to him, giving him the greatest power and mission a pro hero can have. With the Quirk, All Might became the Symbol of Peace, a juggernaut of immense strength and power that saved people from all manner of threats with a smile on his face.

Of course, All Might had to be on this list. He is the ultimate icon of this narrative, inspiring characters across the board and setting the entire story into motion. Yet we know so very little about this character before Deku’s time. We see video clips, hear stories, and witness flashbacks about the hero’s younger days, but All Might wasn’t always the Symbol of Peace. At one time, he was exactly in Deku’s shoes, Quirkless and wanting to help people. A story about a younger All Might, either coming to grips with his powers or during the early days of his pro hero career, could be incredible, allowing viewers to further explore this almost deific character.

The Other Top Ten Heroes

Edgeshot in My Hero Academia
FUNimation Entertainment

This last entry is a bit of a cheat, but it has to be mentioned. While other top 10 heroes like Mirko, Endeavor, All Might, and Hawks get so much of the spotlight, the others are somewhat forgotten. They might pop up here and there as side characters, but overall, they get very little attention.

Ryukyu, Yoroi Musha, Wash, Kamui Woods, Crust, Edgeshot, and Best Jeanist aren’t just pro heroes. They are seven of the best in Japan, yet we know so very little about them. Ryukyu, Kamui Woods, and Best Jeanist have had some screentime, but who they are, what they are capable of, and why they are heroes is still a mystery. Then you have characters like Yoroi Musha (a literal samurai) and Wash (a literal washing machine) who have incredibly unique character designs but absolutely no mention of their abilities or personalities. If we’re not going to see much of these heroes in the main story, they fully deserve their own spin-offs that track their daily heroics and how they achieved such a prestigious position.


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