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Recaps, Results, Previews and a BCB Tournament

Today, we begin the show with words from Naoya Inoue, and mention the dispute at his recent press conference, before delving into the controversial win by George Kombosos Jr over IBO lightweight champion Maxi Hughes, and take a look at an undercard fight among two heavyweights, before moving on to a prediction by Shakur Stevenson, and concluding with an update on the forthcoming BCB Boxer Tournament in Birmingham, UK.


[, Music, ] foreign [, Music, ] boxing fans around the world, thanks for joining me once again here on talk and fight for another episode of boxing news today and today we’re going to start off with uh.

Well, we got a couple of fights to talk about and uh we’ve got uh now.

You know we to talk about he’s ready to take on uh two more World titles.

If you will and become the pound for pound king of boxing, when he challenges for the super bantamweight crown uh going up against Stephen Fulton uh, the WBC WBO World Champ.

At the moment, the three Division World Champion known as the monster will embark on this Quest.

As we all know, on Tuesday July 25th, The Fulton anyway uh fight occurs at the aryaki arena in Tokyo.

Japan is being shown, live on, ESPN plus, but likely here on the east coast, probably four in the morning um in the 12 round cool feature, Cuban sensation robacee El Tran Ramirez 12-1.

Seven Knockouts will make his first defense to the WBO featherweight World highlight games.

Japanese Contender Satoshi shimusu who’s 11-1 with 10 knockouts, so the Fulton innui Ramirez, shimuzi, undercurred fights will stream live and exclusively in the US, starting, as I said at 4 30 A.

M, eastern time, and that would be 1 30 a.


Pacific time, uh anyway, it’s challenging for bait for bait for a belt for the first time in five years, he’s confident he can pick up another Victory and a win for anyway, we’ll stop Errol, Spence or Terence Crawford from becoming pound for pound number one.

A few days later, uh, he says uh, coming up to Junior featherweight to challenge Stephen Fulton for the title has given me great motivation.

I get excited thinking about this fight and how I’ll perform I’ve been watching the film of Fulton and, I think, he’s a very intelligent fighter.

I haven’t been a Challenger in five years and this is heightened my motivation as well.

I think I’ll be able to perform better than before and on the very delays that, if a Curry goes due to my injury, the fight had to be rescheduled for the 25th.

But I feel grateful for the cooperation of everyone involved in the promotion and team Fulton to make this happen right on uh.

In other news related uh, there was a bit of a hand wrap dispute at the the press conference.

I don’t know if you saw that or not now the press conference for that forthcoming WBC, WBO, 122 pound title vote between Fulton and anyway took place uh a couple days ago on Saturday in Yokohama, Japan, and there happened a controversy on hand.

Wrapping caused by Fulton’s eloquent trainer, Waheed Rahim, he talked along, but people there couldn’t fully understand what he wanted to say.

When questioned Raheem claimed that inuiti’s handwrapping should be properly done with Sir, with Fair supervision, they are coolly, replied.

I fought 24 times offer and square.

They seem a little too nervous and sensitive and they need not worry about the fairness of this boat uh World X, champ, um and anyways manager promoter looked frustrated by his comment and said engaged in 19 World title boats and there were definitely no problems happening.

The defending temples and confidently said I’d like to fight intelligent intelligently and enjoy fighting.

I wouldn’t accept nothing, but my victory.

The challenge Anyway said this time.

I am the Challenger, which greatly motivates me.

I believe Fulton is the best and strongest in the super pandaway class, and if I beat him I’ll be able to prove, I am the best.

I hope so so.

Monster anyway was presented with a prestigious WBO super belt for his previous unification of the four bodies.

Bantamweight belts by WBO president Paco, the carcel wvo featherweight Titleist Robert said I don’t have much information on the Challenger shimuzu, but I think he’s one of those Japanese Fighters who’ll battle with heart.

I prepared well for that uh shimuzu for his part, 37 years of age.

By the way said for me, this is as important to fight as I box the Olympic Games in London against Luke Campbell.

I believe that would have been 2012.


I know Ramirez is very fast and skillful, but I’d like to utilize my style and show my best, and this show will be presented by ohashi promotions, good for them alrighty.

Let’S move along to the big controversy.

That’S happened a few days ago and that would be George combosis.

He believes he deserves his 12 round majority division.

Division decision over IBO will lightweight world champion Maxie Hughes when they fought on Saturday – and he said on Twitter, like a close fight, is not a robbery.

The fundamental problem is that the boxing public didn’t view it as a close fight, as many saw it as a lopsided 10-2 or 9 3 win for Hues, uh, 26, 6 and 2 by the way, five Knockouts, whose School compost is from start to finish, making him Look like a fighter with rudimentary skills the judges, by the way, scored it on 14-14, 117, 111 and 115 113, and our very own Cedric Ben on his show.

The scorecard will go over the uh, the details, if you will of that fight, the faces of Emperor combosa’s coaches showed that even when they thought he lost it as a they looked, they were attending a funeral.

They all had a gloomy look on their gobs.

That told the whole story, the little Emperor had been gifted a decision in a fight that he only appeared to win one clear round: comboses looked far worse against you than he did in his last two fights with Devin Haney.

But the difference is he didn’t.

Have the same three judges on duty: first, two defeats last year with those judges working the 280 fights as possible, that comboses would have won because they seem to have a different way of scoring given how combosis was missing his shots all night against use the judges Scored the rounds based on his aggressive aggression rather than unpaunches landed, they had filled, they had to have filled it out of the left.

Hands at Hughes was landing and focused entirely on combosis pressing.

The action here is George combosa’s tweet.

He set a close fights in outer Aubry without being said, full respect to Maxie.

We knew he would come to fight and how dangerous he was a true top 10 lightweight.

For my return, we give him the utmost respect.

It was an honor to share that rang with another Warrior and family man on the undercard by the way in a heavyweight bottle.

Australia’S Joe Goodell pushed his record at 10-1-1 with nine Knockouts when the heavyweight scored an upset Victory by technical knockout against Former Future star.

Stephen Shaw: the Brisbane Banger recorded the best win of his career on the undercard to fellow Ozzie, George comboses versus Maxi Hughes undercard.

Yes, that was a good fight.

Indeed, Goodall inflicted a second defeat onshaw, who now drops to 18-2 with 13 knockout Shaw’s.

Only other previous loss was a close decision against Effie egg Jabba.

The latest humbling is damaging to Shaw’s future chances of contesting for a world title.

Floored twice Shaw succumbed in the sixth round, is corned through in the towel, with seconds left on the section, a lack of head movement and shipping too many punches, was all she wrote.

Shaw now enters the also rant list of contenders after being built up as a potential American heavyweight champion right on okay, let’s move along quickly to heavyweights, so I’ll known that uh Deontay Wilder is in talks at faceland Team, Joshua and December early 2024.

Presuming that Brit comes through his rematch against dillian white on August 12th, but the American isn’t Keen to sit on the sidelines and wait, but has struggled much like Fury did recently to find an opponent so former fighter term promoter, Dimitri Salita, has the answer that he Aims to offer and that’s all yeah, it’s a change all that yeah and he’s offered his charge to remain Franklin.

I reported this last week as an opponent for the bronze bomber.

He said that we’re exploring a few different possibilities.

I believe that a fight with Franklin and Deontay Wilder makes a lot of sense because he’s fought all the top guys in his world class.

I don’t know what deante Wilder has left after those three very difficult fights with Tyson Fury.

It’S something that we’re interested in exploring from what I understand uh one day, the fight with Andy Ruiz is, on the other day, it’s off.

So it’s a very fluid situation.

Uh Selita also floated the idea of a fight with ruiz, Joseph Parker, or a rematch with dillian white.

Despite losing two of his last three Franklin has impressed uh by taking both white and Josh with a distance.

He got back to winning ways recently in his hometown of Detroit by beating Isaac Munoz Gutierrez over the distance good for him all right.

Ah, I guess the opinion of Shakira Stevenson uh.

Let’S have a quick look here, so Chris Stevenson and Devin Haney could face off on November 18th in Las Vegas, with the decision hinging on one green light.

Haney needs to confirm to the WBC that he intends to defend his lightweight title for the organization to approve Stevenson as a mandatory Challenger.

A deadline has been set for this week.

Stevenson’S promoter, Bob arum, has already earmarked the date and venue for the 2-8 world champion.

Next fight Haney could get a massive offer to fill the slot on Formula One Grand Prix weekend.

All Haney has to do is give one more fight at 135, the green light and fans can look forward to to the most exciting inboxers in the world colliding again.

It happened recently with javonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, a pay-per-view boat that broke records in April.

Both men are undefeated and have held World titles at different weight classes.

A fight between them would be a highly anticipated Clash of styles, a fight between Stevenson and Haney is predicted to be close and competitive.

The two boxers have been calling out each other for a fight for some time, but no deals been made.

It is possible that the fight could happen this year and if it does occur, it’d be one of the biggest fights in boxing and then the year with a bank in their most recent fights in the sixth round Stevenson defeated uh, shushiro yoshini by tactical lockout and Devin Haney, as we all know, defeated facil lomachenko by unanimous decision, but was it was highly contentious.

Fight lomachenko won the rematch, but Haney moved on quickly.

Lomachenko eventually said, I think it never happens, uh with respect to hany returning to the table and I think never happens because I think they’re scared.

I don’t believe so, but I’m sure he’s scared.

He understands he lost the fight.

His father understands what happened you and everyone saw what he said after nine rounds in the corner.

My people are talking about the 12th round that I lost, but I didn’t need to win that round.

I understand I won the fight.

I won a lot of the rounds, but I kept my conditioning.

I keep my score in my finished fight after 12 rounds.

I was sure I won this fight.

I was very happy handy.

A green face, uh Stevenson after Loma would signal the intents to take on all qualcommers as the Undisputed title holder, woo all right to wrap up today’s show.

I just want to give a shout out to our friends over at Birmingham uh taking place at the East Side.

Rooms on Woodcock Street in Birmingham uh BCB promotions is hosting a show this upcoming weekend, a day after the big uh, Spence and Crawford tilt.

It’S going to be a tournament winner, take all among those participating as a Young Man by the name of Danny Williams, uh.

Let’S have a quick look here and just see if I’ve got some other names.

Um Williams first has business to attend at Birmingham 10 months on from his last Pro outing, where he made it to a no uh through a second uh for around point.

Success: uh dangerous Danny Wills out pointedly Hallett and Christian Nevarez in 2022, his Pro debut year after limited experience in the amateur ranks, he has only 13 amateur boats.

It’S containing seven victories uh, while coach Tony Chadwick is still training him uh.

So he goes on to make some quotes about how well he’s going to do after breaking his thumb, but I don’t see any information about who else is fighting? I know it’s a it’s a winner take call, I believe, the 6 000 pounds on the table potentially as much as 8 000 pounds.

Oh yes, there’s an eight thousand pound prize going to the winner of the eight man one night winner, take all tournament uh along with being installed as the Challenger to the Midlands lightweight title over in the UK.

So this fist fight is going to take place.

As I said, at the East Side rooms in Birmingham uh tickets are available, uh 40 pound standard or 75 pounds, uh VIP, ringside uh.

You can buy them either directly from the boxers or by visiting myfighttickets.

com, and they also might be available on talkandfight.

com’s website under the tickets available uh page thanks very much for joining me appreciate it remember to like share subscribe, hit that notification Bell and we’ll see you Later on, when I joined some of my cohorts on talk and fight.

com and their shows, including uh, Knuckle Up and Rings ring talk with Lou Eisen foreign


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