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TNT, Bud Crawford, Undercards, Estrada and More

Boxing fans watching the Spence-Crawford tilt via TNT were amused at the graphics and enjoyed a field day on social media prior to the fight getting underway, which leads the news on this show, as Crawford dominated Spence and unleashed a whack of related headlines related to his victory and his future, as well as the PPV numbers – in case anyone was wondering about a rematch; then we move on to discuss a few of the results on the Undercard, as well as a recap of Seniesa Estrada and her clash against Leonela Yudica, before concluding with news from Artur Beterbiev’s camp and a comment from Eddie Hearn regarding heavyweight Johnny Fisher.


[ Music, ] foreign [, Music, ] boxing fans around the world.

Thank you for joining me once again here on talk and fight for another episode of boxing news today and we’re going to start off with uh, somewhat funny ironic story out of the UK TNT Sports, which we’re broadcasting the bud, Crawford uh but uh Terence Crawford event.

Taking on Errol Spence on the weekend, it seems like they had a bit of a mishap, just like I just had a bit of a mishap uh with the graphics uh on the TV showing uh anyway, uh fan boxing fans across the UK have noticed it pretty Quickly, uh Crawford’s name was uh, misspelt and uh, and also then had Crawford fighting Joe Joyce and then had uh Joe Joy’s fighting Daniel Dubois also featured uh in the incorrect card.

So it’s a pretty funny uh story.

There was uh reported out of the UK by the Sun, a very reputable Source uh anyway, so now here’s Terence Crawford the number one pound for pound fighter in the world or in a way as that that debate rages uh.

I won’t really get into it too much, but it is an interesting question.

Uh now being discussed um in the world of boxing uh.

Nonetheless, Terence Crawford over the weekend became the first Undisputed Welterweight champion in the four belt era, and this was discussed by Cedric band on his show the scorecard on talking fight.

You can go to talkingfight.

com for his comments regarding the fight overall, but apparently it was quite a demolition of Errol Spence and although Errol Spence’s call for a rematch um, you know should he should he really get it? Let’S have a look and see what uh, Sam Boltz out of boxnews24.

com has to say and Terence Crawford could have a big decision to make soon if PBC decides to move Aerosmith’s Junior in another direction to salvage his career, assuming the rematch doesn’t take place Crawford who’s.

Now, 40-0, by the way, 31 Knockouts we’ll have a lot of options at 154, even without fighting for a world title, Jamel Charlo has all four belts on lockdown.

Well, he goes up to 168 to face Canelo Alvarez in September uh.

That’S where he’s talked about heading and that’s the best place to go, because the 147 pound division has no one left for Crawford to fight other than Geron boots Ennis and, I believe, he’s the ibf uh mandatory anyway.

There would be a lot of interest from boxing fans in a Crawford versus Anna’s fight, but it wouldn’t be a mega fight if Crawford moves up to Junior middleweight he’d have these Fighters as potential opponents for his next fight.

Tim CU, Josh, Kelly, Brian Mendoza, Sebastian, vandora.

Jesus Ramos, Liam Smith, Israel, imagine and Ericsson, Lubin, Spence who’s now 28 and 122 Knockouts using the rematch clause, would be an act that would ruin his career and you got to believe the PVC will attempt to save Errol from himself.

Spence’S pride is hurt and he wants a chance for revenge against Crawford, but his manual will likely talk him out of it because he’s met his match and can’t win.

So is uh boots uh ready uh.

Let’S have a look here.

What Alan fox has to say also on boxing news24.

com Alan says Jaron boot Dennis is now the Undisputed welterweight at Champion.

Terence, is: let’s have a quick reread here, Jaren boots Ennis is now the Undisputed Welterweight Champion, Terence Crawford’s ibf, mandatory Challenger wow, that’s a confusing sentence.

If Crawford chooses to keep his ibf 147 pound title after his likely rematch against Errol Spence, so now you got two different opinion right there.

In December 154, he’s going to need to face unbeaten boots, NS who’s 31-0 by the way 28 Knockouts.

If Crawford chooses to vacate all his welterweight titles to move up to 154.

, he can change the trajectory of the dangerous career, wrecking asteroid like boots anist who’s on a collision course to slam into him.

So will the will Crawford vacate his titles by vacating, the ibf belt Crawford can safely navigate around the dangerous threat that boots to him.

Crawford didn’t reveal what his future plans are.

Last Saturday, after scoring a ninth round technical knockout, win over ibf wbn WBC welt weight, champ Spence uh in their Undisputed Championship over the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.

After the fight Crawford said it was up to Spence if he won a rematch.

If so, the two will possibly meet in December as part of the rematch clause in the contract for their fight held last Saturday.

I bet that will be delayed anyway.


Here’S an interesting headline coming out of World Boxing News, Errol Spence, Jr, accused of cashing out on injury in one-sided loss.

Errol Spence Jr faces questions over the severity of an eye, injury after being completely demoralized by Terence Crawford in their first fight.

The truth lost to the point where his ability to compete in a rematch is seriously debated.

Spence suffered a massive injuries from two car crashes, including a detached retina from 2019 2019, during which he fought just twice in four years now, after being dominated by Crawford in Las Vegas Las Vegas, and I’m not pretty much not much up, not putting up.

Much of a fight, Spence’s previous ailments are coming under scrutiny.

Some on social media believes spends cashed out on his eye by making sure the Crawford fight was done now before his sight got any worse.

The eye is primarily a concern.

It sometimes looked to suspense, didn’t see the punches coming from Crawford at times.

Crawford deliberately targeted the eye, leaving further fears over Spence’s ability to see correctly for the rest of his life, not to take anything away from Crawford’s win.

But it sometimes looks as if Bud was fighting a much weaker opponent than the undefeated three belt Welsh Weight champion of the world.

Discussing his injury with Brian Custer in 2021, it sounded like Spence was lucky to be able to continue his boxing career at all.

I don’t know I had a retina tear, but I do remember what happened when the guy hit me.

It felt, like I heard a little pop, then I went into the corner like man, my eye or whatever they looked at my eye, then I actually came back out there and sparred at like four or five more rounds.

Two days later, I had sparred again and a mission that he may not be able to see out of his eye has been highlighted in the aftermath anyway.

That is a big struggle for him.

Now, based on the numbers, will we see rematch? Is it worth it? So I had a quick look around the internet to see if I could find any pay-per-view numbers and a boy uh was I disappointed.

As I’m sure you are as well to hear this.

The pay-per-view numbers it seems for the um Spence Crawford tilt was a whopping 700 000.


I might have put in there merely 700 000 and although that generated close to 50 million dollars, U.

S um pretty decent numbers.

Indeed, uh.

It’S not exactly what they’re expecting uh as the uh championship fight that it was supposed to be uh, for example, um gervanta Davis, when he battled Ryan Garcia, achieved 1.

2 million.

Pay-Per-View buys uh benavidez when he fought plant had over 150 000 pay-per-view buys and Canelo versus plant 750 000.


So just comparing uh those numbers and a lot of people have said online as well.

Very reputable writers have said you know there just wasn’t that much animosity between Crawford and Spence to begin with.

In order to generate that excitement, that’s really required to get the kind of numbers that uh Pacquiao and Mayweather, for example, uh delivered in their Heyday.

Just for example, and by comparison uh during the the press conference, uh, Davis and Garcia generated 5.

6 million views Spence and Crawford 1.

8 million views uh.

If you go down the list, benavida has implant 500, 000 and Canelo versus plant 2.

8 million.

So you know you take a look at the numbers and you have to wonder whether uh promoters themselves are.

You know: okay, 50 million dollars, nothing to sneeze at, but the numbers themselves.

Don’T exactly suggest to me uh that a rematch is is in the works and I think you’re probably going to see Anna’s boots and Crawford fight next, in my humble opinion, on the undercard, we saw Isaac Cruz, as we predicted on the Friday night panel uh, take Out a Quick Pick 3.

Well, I shouldn’t say quick Victory, but they got a victory.

Uh over uh Giovanni Cabrera, uh Pitbull is now 25 2 and 1, 17 knockouts and uh.

It was a split decision, quite frankly uh and he made, but he emerged Victorious over the 21 and one uh Cabrera, and that was for the WBC and WBA lightweight title Eliminator Cruz, who was deducted a point in round eight due to head butts won the bout With scores of 115, 112 114 113, with one judge, scoring the action 114 113 for Cabrera, so um, a decent fight for for pit bull and the heck of the fight it overall uh, but interesting to see that uh, who he’s gon na fight next, I won’t Uh linger very much longer on the undercard, but I will mention that uh, because we discussed this on the panel on Friday night Bantam way.

Dog hondro, Santiago, uh, 28 3-5 hammered out at 12 around unanimous decision over future Hall of Famer Nonito Donaire, who we all picked to win so show us how much we know he’s 42 and eight by the way, 28 Knockouts and to claim uh Santiago claimed the Vacant WBC Bantam Wade, title formerly held by anyway on Saturday night at the sold out T-Mobile Arena and senecia Estrada, who we thought would put up a good fight as well, indeed retained her WBC and WBA minimum weight.

Titles, uh beating a very tough and often effective, leonella yadica by unanimous scores of 97 93 from all three judges Estrada who’s.

Now 25-0 uh did not at all dominate this fight, however, with ESPN’s Mark Nagel scoring at 96-94 for her, but the win isn’t questionable or anything.

She’S got a good fight from a good contender in Utica who’s now 19-2-3, with one knockout who had more success than pretty much any Estrada opponent to date, you can chalk that up to Estrada 31 being willing to take more shots than normal, because a 34 year Old Utica is a light hitter even for the general standards of power punching in women’s boxing, but but no matter how you slice it Estrada got the got the got tag clean and way more often than normal.

Um final copy box stance, size strata, land, 161 of 5429 percent of her power, total punches and 148 of 437 of her power shots.

Uh Utica connected on 144 506 total punches and 119 out of 370 of her power punches.

So, in short, it was a good competitive fight and both Fighters could say they put on maximum effort.

Indeed, um unfortunate news out of the art of Birdie of Camp um, we’re gon na, have to wait for his next defense of his unified light heavyweight title because he’s suffered a bone infection and is needed to undergo surgery.

The can that Canada adopted Russian.

It was due to face British star Callum Smith on August 19th.

However, the injury was so severe that better BF could no longer delay a corrective procedure, Top Rank and either a tiger released.

A joint statement confirming better Bia versus Smith will still go ahead after a delay.

Uh WBC quote: WBC WBO ibf, light heavyweight world champion RW bf’s title defense against former super middleweight world champion.

Callum Smith is delayed initially scheduled for Saturday August 19th at the Videotron Center.

In Quebec city in Canada, it has been postponed due to a bone infection in better Bev’s jaw ouch.

He underwent surgery earlier today.

That would be Sunday in Montreal, Canada he’s promoted by eye of the tiger and top rank in association with with matchroom information.

Regarding reschedule fight will be announced in due course better BF by the way 19-0 resides in Montreal, Canada and his boxing’s only world champion with a 100 knockout ratio.

And to conclude, how can I not conclude uh today’s um episode without a quote from Eddie Hearn and he’s going to talk to us today about heavyweight Prospect, Johnny Fisher, the Romford bullet is known, uh or uh.

It was a.

They were his arm.

The Romper bull Army were out in full force, as Johnny Fisher vowed to give them something to celebrate in just two weeks time.

The popular heavyweight Prospect he’s 9-0.

Eight Knockouts will bid for his first professional title at the O2 in London on the undercard of the Anthony Joshua versus Dylan White 2 show when he fights Dirty Harry Armstrong, 5-1-1 for the southern area title the 24 year old favorite had a huge following in attendance.

As he showcased his skills under the watchful eye of trainer Mark Tibbs and promoter Eddie Hearn over at the Arden gym in ramen or Raynham fresh from his devastating first round stoppage win over Emilio Salas at the OVO arena in Wembley in May Fisher is confident.

He’Ll have his hands raised in Victory in a fortnight um.

It was good to see all the media here and a lot of my friends, family supporters as well said Fisher.

I did a few sharp rounds on the pads which I, which was perfect, as I got a bit of sparring tomorrow.

It’S good experience, uh yada yada come on Eddie.

Where are you match? Room sport, chairman Eddie Hearn, was impressed with Fisher and believes he has a bigger domestic fight on the horizon.

Should he come through a tough test against Armstrong? He said he looks great.

Now, it’s the serious stuff Harry Armstrong, who’s been slung in the deep end.

A few times on short notice he’s a very good fighter, and this is actually a very tough fight.

It’S time for Johnny.

He wanted this fight.

We told him he could do another little eight rounder, but he said no it’s time now.

I want a real test.

I want 10 Rounds, there’s a huge amount of pressure doing at the O2 in front of 18 000 people to sell a crowd and on that massive AJ night as well said Hearn.

The places going to erupt he’s just got to stay calm, but he’s had those wounds now where he’s walked out in the big shows and had those big experiences, I think he’s really there and he’s ready if he comes through this fight, I believe he’ll start headlining Shows and filling Arenas himself uh-huh all right boxing fans.

Thank you for joining me once again here on talk.

If I appreciate it very much, remember to uh like share subscribe, hit that notification um, Derek James, should have stopped the fight says unboxing learner did, it is what it is remember like share subscribe hit.

That notification Bell remember to join me later on um.

We have several shows lined up uh today, so uh take your pick.

Go to talkandfight.

com and uh.

We’Ll see you later on thanks for joining me, adios


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