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New Karate Kid Movie Plot details Reportedly Revealed


  • Sony Pictures delays the release of the Karate Kid sequel to December 2024, but new details about the plot and characters have surfaced online.
  • The movie will focus on Li, a skilled fighter from Beijing who moves to Brooklyn with his mother, grapples with past tragedy, and finds purpose in training a new student.
  • There are rumors of Jackie Chan’s involvement in the film, and the possibility of a Cobra Kai movie after the show’s final season on Netflix. Fans also hope for the return of Hilary Swank’s character in Cobra Kai.

After Sony Pictures announced the delay of the upcoming Karate Kid sequel, moving it from June 7 to December 13, 2024, a new report reveals details about the plot and the new protagonists of the next chapter from the popular saga.

With Cobra Kai’s final season on hold because of the writers strike, Karate Kid fans have been craving some new information of upcoming projects related to the franchise, and now they finally have news. Although Sony Pictures had to pushed back the release of the next installment of the cinematic universe, since production was set to start soon, new details have surfaced online about the film.

Thanks to Production List, here’s a first description of the plot for the upcoming Karate Kid movie:

“Li is a skilled fighter and a student in Beijing who has his life uprooted when his mom decides that they’re moving to Brooklyn for a work opportunity. Li is grappling with a past tragedy and bumping up against his doctor mother, who is dealing with the same tragedy but in an altogether different manner. While his mom is against violence and Kung Fu, Li finds purpose by training Victor in the art and finds himself back in the ring as well.”

Earlier this year, rumors indicated that this new film would include the participation of Jackie Chan, who has already been part of the franchise starring in the 2010 reboot along with Jade Smith. It is unclear whether he’ll be reprising his role from that film ir playing a new character within the world of the original story.

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The Future of Karate Kid

Columbia Pictures

Beyond the new movie, the world of Karate Kid still has one more chapter left to be told on the small screen in Cobra Kai‘s final season. Right after the release of the fourth installment, Netflix renewed the show while announcing that the next season would be the last one, putting an end to the stories of Daniel, Johnny, Miguel, Sam, Robby and the rest of the crew. Or maybe not.

Cobra Kai creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald have already said that the possibility of doing a movie after the end of the show is not off the table. Ralph Macchio, star of the original trilogy and essential par of the hit series has already shown interest in doing more content related to the franchise too, like a prequel movie centered on a younger version of Mr. Miyagi still living in Okinawa, or about his first years in America.

The film that’s currently in development is said to be connected with the originals, but it’s supposed to have no connection with Cobra Kai, although Macchio is also rumored to be part of the new project and would be difficult to have him playing Daniel LaRusso in the movie and make no reference to the show.

The first Karate Kid movie hit theaters in 1984 and was an instant smash, releasing a sequel in 1986 and a third part in 1989. In 1994, the studio tried to bring the franchise back with a new star, Hilary Swank, but the movie was not so well received. Although fans still hope for her character, Julie Pierce to appear in Cobra Kai.


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