The leader thinks about the country all day, even most of the night: Kader
Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said that the people of the country are suffering due to the war situation in the world and said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is thinking about how people can overcome the misery. He thinks about the people of the country all day and even at night.

General Secretary of the party Obaidul Quader talking to journalists at Dhaka District Awami League office on Monday (November 6). Image: Time News (video taken)
Tajwar Mahmeed

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Obaidul Quader spoke to reporters at the Dhaka District Awami League office on Monday (November 6).

Stating that there is a crisis in the country, Quader said, “We are passing through a challenging time. Due to the war situation all over the world, the prices of goods and fuel have increased. We are suffering because of war situation without committing any crime. We are in a bit of danger, the people of the village, the working people are suffering.

Awami League leader said, “Our leader thinks about the country all day and even night. His concern is how people can overcome adversity. Sometimes going abroad to get some support.

Calling on everyone to be patient, he said that a political party, which does not have the least patriotism, has become a heavy blow in these difficult times. Convicted accused run the team. He cannot come to the country. But the team is running with remote control.

BNP is a cheating party. Cheating also has a limit. Where is Mia Arefi Sarwardi with him! “BNP has made a friend of Biden by arresting a madman from Ullapara,” added Quader.

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Obaidul Quader said that BNP failed on October 28 and pointed out that BNP has started arson after failing in the movement. Fakhrul ran and got off the stage once and got up. In the end, the strike had to be announced through the hand mic. The number of journalists who were injured in that movement, no journalist has been injured in any movement in the history of our country. What movement does it fall into? The liberation war is not safe in their hands, the people of Bangladesh are not safe.

He said that there is a lack of information in the statement of the European Union (EU) about the arrest of the leaders and activists of the opposition party, and he said, “We do not want to condemn them.” Due to the lack of information, they could not give a proper statement. I hope the EU will revise their statement after the inquiry.

Obaidul Quader said that the Prime Minister will start the election campaign from Sylhet and urged everyone to join there in groups. He said, “We will win the election. We should not be afraid of two or four sneak attacks. I will tell the people that there is no movement with two or four attacks.

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“The police should be careful. Innocent people cannot be arrested to punish criminals. We will resist all inactivity in the name of the movement,” added Obaidul Quader.

BNP-Jamaat has not said a single word about the rampage going on in Gaza. Their political ideology is considered religious! But when Muslims in Gaza were being persecuted, they did not protest. Only Sheikh Hasina protested this injustice. BNP-Jamaat wants power, but they don’t want humanity.


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